How do i get yahoo mail on my desktop

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Drag the icon from the address bar to your desktop. You can do the same with FunAdvice, too, so that you can remember to visit us when you startup your computer :) How Do I Get Icons From Favorite Websites To My Desktop ... I like the proprietory icons from my favorite websites to show up on my desktop rather than the generic, dull IE icon. A few of the icons from my favorite websites do appear on my desktop, but not ... How to create a desktop icon shortcut for Yahoo Mail - Quora How do I create a desktop icon shortcut for Yahoo Mail? Update Cancel. a d b y H i g h b r o w. Learn something new in just 5 minutes a day. Get smarter with 10-day courses delivered in easy-to-digest emails every morning. Get started for free! L e a r n ... How to get a Yahoo icon on my desktop? (2 answers) Yahoo Messenger or the website? Right click on your Desktop Click New, Shortcut, type in the website click finish. To get the messenger on there you will need to ...

How do I install a shortcut on my desktop for yahoo internet mail ? More questions After I uninstalled 8.1 version & installed 7.0 version of messenger my yahoo mail icon changed on desktop?

I need to do some fantasy football draft on my iPad. Sadly, this is a deal breaker to me because I chose the iPad over a laptop.

Forums > Email Forums > Email Service Support Forums > Yahoo Mail > How can i put a shortcut to Yahoo Mail on my desktop? Discussion in ' Yahoo Mail ' started by popowich , Dec 29, 2008 . Download Yahoo Mail App For Windows 10 - Yahoo changed my sign in and now I cant get my mail on my computer only my mobile. why do they always make things harder and worse. If it aint broke don’t fix it. I am moving to hotmail If it aint broke don’t fix it. How to Change A Password in Yahoo! Mail - wikiHow If you use Yahoo's email services on desktop, you'll need to sign back into your Yahoo account with this new password the next time you use the service. Method 4 Resetting a Forgotten Password on Mobile

Best Answer: To make a Desktop shortcut to Mail: 1. Open your Mail inbox using whatever browser you like to use. Right-click the address bar and left-click on Copy. How do I get the Yahoo mail icon on the desktop of Windows 10? If you haven't already, add your yahoo account in the mail app and then -press the hamburger button (on the top left corner of the mail app)-press ''accounts'' I need icon yahoo mail in my computer deaktop? - Yahoo Answers Best Answer: Any of these ways will put a Yahoo! Mail shortcut icon on your desktop. If you want another Yahoo! shortcut instead of Yahoo! Can I switch back to the previous version of Yahoo Mail ... The full-featured Yahoo Mail will, of course, have all the bells and whistles that you're used to, in addition to any new features and enhancements we release. Which version of Yahoo Mail am I using? The top-right section of the interface, where your name is displayed, has a distinctive look for each interface, similar to the images below.